Direct Drive High Speed Mixers
Our Drive High Speed Mixers offer substantial advantages over older belt drive designs. Direct Drive Mixers reduce the number of mechanical parts to be maintained and provide for a longer mechanical life of the mixer:
• Eliminates the need for the jackshaft, belts and pulleys.
• Eliminates the need for a bearing housing.
• Eliminates the side loading of the belt tension on the motor bearings.

Direct Drive Mixers also provide an easier more versatile installation:
• Elevates the mixer to the proper height to discharge into a hopper or cooler mixer, without the need for a separate structure.
• The Direct Drive Mixer increases the operator access area around the mixer by moving the motor under the bowl and making the foot print of the mixer the same size as just the bowl.

As the motor is powered by an AC Variable Frequency Drive, included in the price of the mixer, the Direct Drive Mixer features the most economical operation possible:
• Operates at a near unity power factor.
• Does not experience the costly voltage spikes inherent in across the line starting of large horsepower motors.
• The operation can be programmed to achieve maximum throughput and minimum wear.
• Eliminates the mechanical and electrical stresses of across the line starting.